Services we provide

What services do we provide?

We provide a FREE meet and greet to all our customers, this can be done face to face or via a zoom meeting. We run through all the basic care needs your pets require while your away. 

We do like to get as much details from you as possible, this is to ensure your pet has a smooth transition into our care. 

While we care for your pets we also care for your home too. We do our very best to keep your home clean and tidy.

We will also ensure that your pets bedding or area they use is cleaned throughout our stay with them.

We are happy to get our hands dirty with mucking out stables or stalls. To cleaning out hutches and litter trays. Or pooh picking the garden after your dog.

If your dog has a walker then please notify us. However we do like to walk and as long as your pooch likes and can walk well we will be happy to do this while in our care. Obviously weather dependant. And there is no extra charge for your dog to be walked.




We do Offer Small animal Boarding at our own home. We have half an acre garden with plenty of space for rabbits and Guinea pig to strech their legs. We will also provide your pets with a health balenced fresh diet of veg, fruit and herbs. this is in the price otheir stay.

We board birds too, and some reptiles. Please feel free to ask for more details.


Solo Walks

We provide solo dog walks, as this is a great way for us to build trust with dogs that have anxiety and puppies who are starting to explore the world.
We never force a dog to do anything. We encourage all nervous dogs through treats and praise.  And we always end on a good note. 
We can provide a group walks but dogs must be from the same household.

Small Animal Boarding

We offer a small little holiday to all small animals, we can provide cages if needed or you can bring your own. We do Supply fresh fruit and veg to all our boarders. and access to the garden or roam of our home.


We regretfully decline pet rats.

Pet Sitting and Drop in Visits

A highly rated service for pets with anxiety or elderly pets.

We can Provide a drop in service or we can stay in your home and keep your pets safe and sound along with caring for your home.